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Ultraviolet Sterilizers for Ponds - What will it do for your pond?

High quality ultraviolet sterilizers are constructed with an internal housing made of PVC or other inert material and fitted with waterproof end caps. When used outside, a waterproof housing should cover the ballast. A quartz sleeve between the water and the bulb keeps the bulb at the proper temperature, but will not interfere with the light penetration. Proper installation is critical for maximum efficiency of the ultraviolet unit.  Ultraviolet sterilizes work best when the unit is properly sized for your backyard pond or water garden and when correctly installed. 

Ultraviolet sterilizers will not affect stringy filamentous algae that adhere to the wall of the pond but will kill the fine algae which passes through the unit, helping your new pond to balance quicker than normal. When a pond is new, it goes through a period of green water while attempting to reach a "balance". To establish this balance, beneficial bacteria are necessary for a healthy pond and grow in the biofilter.  Laguna Bio-Filter Booster is a highly concentrated solution fo beneficial bacteria that start up and maintain the biological filter in water gardens and koi ponds.

The beneficial bacteria will grow more slowly in cold water than in warm water. Shallow ponds in full sunlight and overcrowded ponds can be subject to quite lengthy bouts of "pea soup" but the period will be significantly shortened with a good biological filter and an ultraviolet system.

Tips for successful Pond Keeping:

Really successful garden ponds contain both plants and fish. A balanced biotype, created by the interaction between plants and fish will ensure proper water conditions. Plants and fish are mutually beneficial in two ways.  First, they contribute to the successful functioning of the Nitrogen Cycle (bacterial conversion of ammonia to nitrite and then into nitrates). Nitrates are nutrients for plants and algae, which are a valuable food source for fish, thus completing the nitrogen cycle. 

Secondly, plants and fish complement each other through the process of Photosynthesis. Fish consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide. In sunlight plants consume carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. A properly functioning nitrogen cycle and photosynthesis are keys to a successful - and beautiful garden pond! 

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