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The Benefits of Using a Watering Wand

Have you ever stood watering the garden on a hot summer afternoon, the sprayer nozzle and hose in one hand and a cool drink in the other? It feels good, but the trouble is, you're getting a better drink than your plants are. 
Why? You're using the wrong tool for the job. 

 A sprayer nozzle is great for washing the car, but pretty ineffective for watering because it gushes a high-pressure jet that flattens plants. This makes it almost impossible to stay in one spot long enough to give an adequate amount of water. A sprayer nozzle just won't deliver enough moisture to penetrate the soil to the root level where plants take it up.  For watering patio plants, try a plant wand.

Then there's the fact that a hot mid-afternoon is about the worst time to water this way or run a sprinkler as a
lot of water evaporates in the heat. 

Watering the garden the right way

Plants need moisture — a healthy plant is 75 to 90 percent water. Adequate water is especially critical during the first few weeks of growth, while plants are building their root systems and getting established.  To water individual plants or or plants in containers, rather than a hose end sprayer nozzle, the better tool is a watering can or a hose-end watering wand, (shown above), with a water breaker that has many tiny holes so it releases water in a soft shower rather than a high-pressure stream. 

The Dramm Rain Wand™ is ideal for watering flowerbeds, gardens and shrubs. It utilizes the original 'soft-touch' 400 Water Breaker™ nozzle, which has been used by professional growers and nurserymen since 1945. With the Rain Wand™, you are able to apply large quantities of water quickly at the plant base, where it soaks deep into the soil. The fingertip shut-off valve reduces overall water consumption by applying water where and when you want it. Roots grow deep and the plant is protected from water stress while it receives the constant nutrition it needs.

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