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What kind of parrot should I get? 

There are over 300 species of parrots in the world, ranging from the tiny parrotlet to the gigantic, rare hyacinth macaw. Species available in every color and size in between are available. Which one is for you? 

Let space, expense and living arrangements first help determine the best parrot for you. Most apartment dwellers, folks on a budget, or families with small children will enjoy one of the many smaller species, such as budgies, cockatiels, conures and lovebirds. Most small parrots make good pets for children and apartment dwellers. 

The largest parrots, such as Amazons, macaws and cockatoos, are striking in appearance and also can make loving pets.  Quick and Easy Bird Care is a great book to find out more about Parrots.

However, they are messier, louder, more destructive, more expensive to feed and house, and capable of inflicting dangerous bites if not properly handled. 

A few parrots make better aviary birds than indoor pets. Lories, for instance, have the less-than-enchanting habit of spraying liquid droppings up to six feet away. Still, many lory fans are willing to purchase or rig special cages in order to keep these parrots as pets.

...but large parrots can be loud and messy. 

If you're having trouble deciding, ask someone knowledgeable about parrots, such as a breeder, to advise you.  On special: 


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