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It is important to maintain the condition of your horse's hooves throughout the year, especially in the winter.
If your horse's hooves become infected with thrush or damaged from stones, your horse will have a hard time walking and functioning as a horse. In order to keep your horse's hooves healthy and your horse active, you should check and clean them on a daily basis. By following these steps, your horse should have healthy hooves all winter long:
  • Always keep a hoof pick on hand for a quick cleaning of the inner hoof area. Use the hoof pick like the Luckystar Hoof Pick to get out debris such as mud, dirt, rocks, snow and more that is stuck is stuck in the hoof. To clean the hoof with a hoof pick, support the hoof with one hand and point the hoof pick away from you with the other hand.
    Clean the area around the frog, but do not touch the frog with the hoof pick.
  • Use a hoof brush to remove smaller particles from the hoof. A hoof brush is more gentle than a hoof pick and great for exposing stones and other stuck debris that will need to be removed by a hoof pick.
    Clean the outer part of the hoof with the brush once the inner hoof area has been cleaned.
  • Examine the hoof once it has been cleaned to see if there is an infection or another problem with the hoof. If your horse hooves are exposed to mud, snow or rain, apply a coat of Hoof Mud Shield Powder to help make the hoof waterproof.
    This powder may be applied daily to your horse's legs and hooves to help keep them healthy and to help prevent the hooves from softening. In addition, the Keratex Hoof Gel is great for dry or cracked hooves and works to help repair damage to the hooves.

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