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A Healthy cat:

  • Meows as usual. 
  • Uses the litter box with normal results. 
  • Vomits from time to time. 
  • Maintains normal weight.
  • Is well-brushed. 

  • Licks itself carefully. 
  • Eats normally. 
  • Drinks as usual. 
A Sick cat is:

  • Makes alot of effort while sitting  in the toilet box or has diarrhea. 

  • Doesn't use the toilet. 
  • Vomits very often. (try: Petromalt Hairball Prevention)  

  • Has blood in its vomit. Looks sluggish. 
  • During one month period gains or loses more than 10% of its normal weight.
  • Careless, Dirty, Untidy  

  • Either eats too much or eats nothing. 
  • Either drinks too much or nothing. More on Automatic Cat Feeders.  
  • Either meows too much or becomes unusually quiet. 

  • Uses the litter box very often. 

Keep an eye out for unusual actions by your cat. If you feel that something is wrong, trust yourself! Call your veterinary and discuss the problem together. The veterinary can tell you if it is necessary to take him/her in for an examination. 

Lumps of molted fur
Some cats lick themselves and swallow too much fur. The fur tangles inside the cat. The lump partly or even completely blocks up cat's intestines and causes a feeling of overeating. The symptoms of such illness are sluggish, vomit and lack of appetite. The vomit is usually brown and you can find lumps of fur which are like tubes.   Please review our Cat Hairball Products

The reasons for diarrhea are different, they are very often caused by the wrong diet. Food which consists mostly of meat and milk, products which are digested badly, and foods containing different spices (or just spoiled products) are also wide spread reason of diarrhea. 

Healthy cats seldom have constipation. The reasons for constipation are simple -- bad food or too much fur swallowed during the licking. Constipation which is chronic may cause serious complications and your cat should be given veterinary treatment. 

Ears mites
These creatures live in cat's ears. They bite through the skin of the ear channel causing inflammation.  Cats show their discomfort in the following ways: 

  • Shake their heads

  • Intensively scratch their ears with the paws

  • Rub their heads on the floor and furniture. 

(try: Pet Ear Mite Remedy ) or our other Ear Mite Treatments

Cat Vomiting
Vomit can mean that your cat has a serious problem, but it can also mean that your cat eats too much or too fast.   If your cat vomits often and multiple times during a period of time, or if there is blood in the vomit -- or if your cat shows discomfort in any other way -- call a veterinary. If something worries you then call a veterinary! 

Feline urinary syndrome
If your cat makes efforts when it urinates, meows more often as usual, urinates in the unsuitable places or if there is blood in its urine call a veterinary, These are serious symptoms perhaps an indication of a dangerous illness. Try our Urinary Tract Health Products for Cats 

Cat "pulls" on the floor
If you have ever seen it then you'll understand what this means. The cat sits, presses its hinder part to the floor and begins to pull it in such a position.  If the cat "pulls" and licks itself it also may be the sign that it has worms. Once again, call a veterinary to examine your cat. 


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