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Earthway Broadcast Spreader Chart

Broadcast spreaders can throw material 8-15 ft., depending on many factors including size and density of particles, spinner velocity, and spinner characteristics.  Broadcast spreaders are useful for applying granular products to large areas with little if any "streaking".  However they are less likely to apply granular products uniformly than drop spreaders, as large, dense particles tend to be thrown greater distances than smaller, lighter particls.

Fertilizer bags are typically heavy and awkward to pour, so fill the spreader half-full and only over a concrete surface.  This way, if you accidentally spill fertilizer you will not burn your lawn.  Also, because many lawn applications contain iron, make sure you are wearing old clothing and shoes.  If the residue becomes wet, it can stain.

Earthway Homeowner Spreaders are an ideal solution for seeding grass seed, fertilizer and all types of lawn & garden granular products. EarthWay products are recognized as the industry leader in spreading technology and quality. Earthway's Exclusive 3-hole drop system delivers the material uniformly and in accurate amounts for your lawn size. 

The Earthway Homeowner line offers a range of both push and tow spreaders designed with residential use in mind. Rust proof poly hoppers ensure many years of use and easy to use and set gauge and lever controls make it easy to for the spreader to work with the most common yard fertilizers and granular chemicals. 

Most of these spreaders require little to no assembly before use.

Spreader Volume (lb) Capacity (Cubic Inches) Notes Manual
Earthway 1950 Broadcast Spreader 30 1,050 Push Spreader 1950
Earthway 1950T Tow Broadcast Spreader 30 1,050 Tow Spreader 1950
Earthway 2050P Broadcast Spreader 80 1,900 Push Spreader 2050P
Earthway 2050SU Broadcast Spreader 80 1,900 Push Spreader 2050SU
Earthway 2050T Tow Broadcast Spreader 80 1,900 Tow Spreader 2050T
Earthway 2100P Broadcast Spreader 50 1,325 Push Spreader 2100P
Earthway 2150 Professional Broadcast Spreader 50 1,325 Push Spreader 2150
Earthway 2150T Professional Tow Broadcast Spreader 50 1,325 Tow Spreader 2150t
Earthway 2170 Professional Broadcast Spreader 100 3,350 Push Spreader 2170
Earthway 2170T Professional Tow Broadcast Spreader 100 3,350 Tow Spreader 2170t
Earthway 2700 Nylon Bag Seed Hander 100 3,350 Tow Spreader 2700a
Earthway 3100 Professional Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader 40 1,180 Hand Seeder/Spreader 3100
Earthway 3400 Hand Seeder/Spreader   110 Hand Seeder/Spreader None
Earthway 7350SU Drop Spreader 60 1,770 Drop Spreader 7350
Earthway C22R Professional Broadcast Spreader 50 1,325 Push Spreader C22R
Earthway C24R Professional Broadcast Spreader 100 3,350 Push Spreader C24R

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